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wtf_tats's Journal

For the tat you just don't understand
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Every see a tat that is well done, but you just don't understand the subject matter? Toasters, arm chairs, the planet pluto? Well, if the line work is well done, it belongs here.

1. This community is for well done tattoos that just don't make alot of sense, because of subject matter, placement or coloring. Off topic posts and community pro-mos are not allowed.

2. You may post your own tattoos if you wish, but don't do so if you're only looking to be told how wonderful the tattoo is- you will be deleted.

3. Also, don't expect everyone to be nice. Tattooing is an art form, and with it comes its own art snobs.

4.Please post at least one picture in each post, and keep all pictures behind a cut.

5. Also, label each cuts as SFW or NOT SFW. While you shouldn't be lj-ing from work, that's really not my problem.

6. And try not to do reposts. However, if you do, just delete the post and move on.

7. Leave your baby momma drama for you baby's momma.

8. All posts are members only.

9. Membership is moderated

10. Posting is not at this time.